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Inflight Interior Products

Airborne stretchers, folding carts, meal & bar carriers, meal & bar carts, ovens, inserts, galleys and sky cots.



Ladies and Mens fashion swimwear for all sizes and ages.


Kitchen Equipment & Appliances


Appropriate for Hotels, Hospitals, Bakeries and Commercial food outlets. Products include food servicing equipment, dishwashers, mixers, fryers, freezers, jet-air ovens, salamanders, broilers, hot plates, espresso & coffee machines, pasta machines, proofers, racks, bread slicers, warm hand-air dryers, etc. Full range available.


Industrial Laundry Equipment


Steamers, Dry-cleaning machines, racks, ironing machines, laundry servicing equipment. Full range available. Appropriate for hotels, hospitals, Laundromats, etc.


Amenity Products

Beauty soaps, shampoos, creams, gels, sewing kits, shower caps, shoe shiners, etc. Appropriate for Hotels, Motels, Airlines, high quality restaurant outlets, etc.


Hotel Accessories & Products


Food servicing equipment, folding tables & chairs, banqueting stages, platforms, stages, podiums, lighting, smoke machines, steamers, linen, towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, skirting, cutlery glassware, wine racks, etc. Full range available.


Bathroom & Washroom Accessories

Toilet paper holders, towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks, grab bars, utility shelfs, soap holders, ash trays, grab bars, etc. Appropriate for hotels, motels, hospitals, commercial buildings and for luxury use.


Plastic Products

Plates, cups, petri-dishes, cutlery, bowls, covers, containers, dessertware, tumblers, lids, stemware, trays, utensils, pitchers. Appropriate for hospitals, hotels, restaurants & fast food outlets.


Prestige Hotel Rooms Furniture


Complete room custom-made hotel room furniture according to your specs. From Motels to Five star hotels, whether single, suite or executive.


Prestige Office Furniture


Appropriate for Banks, CEO Offices, etc.- Also available custom-made according to specs.

Standard Office Furniture


Appropriate for Institutions, Secretarial pools, etc.- Also available custom-made according to specs.

School Furniture


Chairs, desks, benches, folding tables, stools, racks, bookcases, etc.

Industrial Shelving

Warehouse racking, metal shelves, brackets, wire baskets, hooks, store fixture hardware, racks and accessories, etc.


Party Goods

Balloons, Punch balls, Vinyl toys, candles, doilies, pumps, water bomb activity kit, table ensembles, all accessories, etc.


Playground Equipment

Slides, swings, bouncers, labyrinth, sand boxes, jungle-jims, etc. Appropriate for Public Parks, schools yards, daycareís, etc.


Wood Working Machinery

Heavy duty, high quality machinery appropriate for Carpentry workshops.



Blanche de Chambly, Maudite, La Fin du Monde, Raftman, La Gaillarde, Quelque Chose Canadian Beers. Appropriate for liquor stores & duty free shops. Non-Alcoholic Beer available as well


Aquatic & Eyegaurd Products

Brand name swimming goggles, masks, fins, caps, snorkels, clips, etc. & accessories, team and racket sports eye protection goggles.. Appropriate for Sports stores and duty free shops.


Maple Products

High quality syrup, candies, lollipops, gift boxes, etc. Appropriate for Supermarkets, gourmet stores in hotels and malls..


Honey Products

High quality Light & Dark pure honey. Appropriate for Supermarkets, gourmet stores in hotels and malls.


Fine Cuisine

Herbís & Spices, gourmet sauces and dips, hot and cold beverage mixes, seasonings, etc. Appropriate for high quality gourmet stores in malls and hotels.


Flavoured Chocolate

Flavoured Chocolate balls, flavored coffee beans coated with chocolate and Irish Cream. Appropriate for gifts, hotels, airlines and restaurants.


Fast Food Supplies

Ketchup, mayonnaise, relish, vinegar, dressing, french fries, etc. Suitable for restaurants, hotels and fast food outlets.



Ladies and Mens fashion swimwear for all sizes and ages.



Sleepwear, Eveningwear, Sportswear. Assorted collections and stocks also available.



Lingerie and undergarments for men and women.




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