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The NNAL141-1C is a three point mounting bassinet, which can be installed and removed in seconds. It folds down to a flat easy to stow item, yet open, it is roomy for baby's comfort.
It was engineered and designed with safety in mind, that is, to meet the toughest loads without sacrificing looks and practicability.



Its durable construction will provide a secure comfortable environment for incapacitated passengers who cannot be seated on board. It comes complete with a privacy curtain, curtain rod and carrying case.
The advantage of our system is that it allows for dual tie-down using both the existing seat belts as well as the floor tracking. The airborne stretcher is the latest in commercial airline transport of incapacitated passengers.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using our stretcher:
1) Quick installation without removing seats.
2) Offers an inexpensive alternative to the air ambulance for the passengers while guaranteeing revenue to the airline.
3) Adaptable for children as well as adults.

Your airline cannot afford to be without our airborne stretcher.

The standard unit is made from clear anodized aluminum alloy. It is light, weighing in at less than 3 kilos. The unit can hold 4 full meal trays or 2 standard drawers. The door is equipped with a pull handle and a thumb operated latch system making it easy to operate. The container's recessed carrying handle allows for easy stacking.

Made from anodized aluminum, the standard drawer is both easy to operate and lightweight (less than 1-1/2 lbs), yet highly durable. The PVC glides reduce friction and make it extra easy to use. The wide-mouth openings on all corners, facilitate insertion into the cart or carrier.
All our trays are made from anodized aluminum. Each one can be stamped with your airline logo to reduce loss.




All our waste containers are made of durable aluminum alloy and are welded and anodized for long lasting use.
The interior is sealed with a mildew resistant silicone to prevent leakage. We can emboss or silkscreen your airline logo on each container for a small fee or free of charge on large orders.




The Atlas oven insert is made from clear anodized aluminum. With a capacity of 8 oven trays, it allows room for 32 standard size meals. The top of the insert housing is equipped with a recessed handle, allowing for easy stacking.





Folding trolley model number NN4501 is made exclusively out of stainless steel. Weighing less than 15 kilos, we have managed to maintain a lightweight construction without sacrificing sturdiness.

Special features:
-Fabricated of 304 polished stainless steel
-3 tiers for maximum capacity
-easily accessible brake on either side
-simple folding system
-Attractively designed for best possible use of limited space.
-Constructed to be durable and practical for years of use.
-Multi-functional: first-class, bar, duty-free service...
-High quality swivel casters provide extra manoeuverability.
-Easy to clean stainless steel surface.
-Folds away in seconds.
"First-class" look ? "Economy" price


Our coffee holder is offered as a replacement part for the most commonly used coffee maker.




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